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We decided in early 2015 that it would be a good idea to try and record a CD of all-original tunes. In the course of the next 6 months we wrote and recorded a bunch of new songs and re-mixed a couple of songs recorded in 2010. The result is our August 2015 release: NOW & THEN. It also contains two bonus tracks by the early Mystics from 1965!


Available on at and most digital outlets.



"It's hard to keep the feel of this era of music and use all the modern technology available! The arrangements are very solid and fun to experience. Like taking a trip to the Sixties but with today's technological advances. The Mystics are truly a great-group-of musicians. They don't just play this style of music; they "are" this style of music. Great job!!! Loved It.

    -- Frank Trowbridge, Spokane, Wash.; session player for Sleepy John and Bachman-Turner Overdrive.


This album is REALLY good. All of the songs are attractive, well written and arranged, and the production is superb. I'm not just saying this stuff, I mean it. It's a great collection of original songs. I will be pleased to listen to it again and again.

    -- Ross Miller of the Fabulous Chancellors.


1. Hello :19
2. I Don’t Understand 3:21 (D. Cunnngham / R. Weisman © 2015)
3. Rock ‘N Roll Man 3:22 (Tim Woodward, © 2010)
4. Fight 3:26 (D. Cunnngham / T. McMeekan, © 2015)
5. Hi Tech Blues 3:34 (Tim Woodward, © 2015)
6. Walking Softly 3:31 (D. Cunnngham, © 1969)
7. My Mistake 2:33 (D. Cunnngham, © 2015)
8. Hold You In My Heart 4:07 (Tim Woodward, © 2015)
9. Surf Sydney 3:39 (D. Cunnngham, © 2015)
10. That Curse 3:19 (D. Cunnngham, © 2015)
11. Never Thought I’d Fall 3:11 (Music - D. Cunnngham / Lyrics - T. Woodward, © 2015)
12. How It Never Was 3:28 (D. Cunnngham, © 2010)
13. Forever’s Coming 3:11 (D. Cunnngham / B. Moore © 1969)
Forever Choir: The Mystics plus: Tom McMeekan, Bob Kohnke, Bryan Moore, Will Schubach.
Bonus Tracks by the1965 Mystics:
14. Weekend People 2:57 (Tim Woodward, © 1965)
15. I Get So Disgusted 3:15 (Tim Woodward, © 1965)

All songs published by Mystrionic Music ASCAP except
‘Forever’s Coming’, published by Mooringham Melodies/Mystrionic Music ASCAP
Cover photo by Ryan Caufield, Panorama photo by Maddie Bronken-Cunningham
Graphic design: Don Cunningham
Tracks 1-13 recorded at
© 2015 by The Mystics, Boise, all rights reserved

"The Mystics Now and Then" is a compilation of original songs by the Mystics of Boise, Idaho. The two bonus tracks were recorded in 1965 by the band that existed then. The rest were written and recorded by the current group.

The Mystics began in Boise in the early 1960s, continuing the tradition begun by Paul Revere and the Raiders, Dick Cates and the Chessmen, the Statesmen and other early, Boise area rock bands. The group disbanded in 1967 and reunited in 1982 with what was meant to be a one-night stand and has lasted more than 30 years. Audiences have supported us through decades of playing covers, and we thought it was time to do some original music for them. The songs the old band recorded in 1965 were a start; fifty years later we've finished the album.

Its purpose isn't to make a lot of money or climb the charts. We outlived those dreams long ago. As much as anything, we wanted to create something more tangible than memories. That way, when we're playing checkers at the Old Musicians Home and people ask if we really played in a rock group once, we can say yes and prove it. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it.

The MYSTICS are:
Tim Woodward - Vocals & guitar
Lawson Hill - Vocals, drums & percussion
Rico Weisman - Electric, acoustic, 12-string & slide guitar
Don Cunningham - Vocals, bass, guitar & keys

Guitar solos on ‘High Tech Blues’: Rico, Tim, Tom McMeekan;
on ‘My Mistake’: Tim; all others, Rico.

Lead vocal on Hold You in My Heart & backup vocal on High Tech Blues: Andie Woodward.

In Memoriam: Vance Shirley, John Hynes, Tom Warner, Robb Campbell.



I DON'T UNDERSTAND Words & music by Don Cunningham © 2015

I don't understand this new equation,
I can't comprehend the world you're in.
I don't need to hear you explanation,
I'll just have to fight you to the end…

I don't want to know your inspiration,
The message that you send is quite enough.
You tend to over blow your situation,
You just cast a hook & call it love...

I remember the feeling, when we first embraced
Now's there's nothing that haunts me like your face

On another day it never would have happened,
Time would not allow the sparks to fly.
I would not have let you play me for such a patsy,
Never would have heard your lullaby…

ROCK & ROLL MAN Words & music by Tim Woodward © 2010

It starts with a daydream, a dance in a gym.
You wish you were up there, wish you were him.
The man with the hot licks burning it down.
At thirteen you're a junkie hooked on that sound.
In your blood run the bright lights, scream of the fans….
You're a Rock & Roll man.

Some kids want a laptop, some want a car.
With you it's a shiny electric guitar.
Gray pawnshop window, sweet Silvertone.
You put down your savings and take it on home.
You stay up and practice as hard as you can….
To be Rock & Roll man.

The dates are confirmed, the check's in the mail.
Vance calls from downtown…..the drummer's in jail.
Too many late nights, too little pay.
Still it beats working….any old day!
In your blood run the bright lights, the scream of the fans…
You're a Rock & Roll man.

FIGHT Music by Don Cunningham, lyrics by Don Cunningham & Tom McMeekan © 2015

Fight for your life, make it right, the best that it can be
Fight thru the night, 'til daylight sets you free.

When I heard your voice it took me right back to
When we were just kids with no worries or hassles
We thought we'd prevail 'cos we had all the answers
That didn't last long, the only path left was to…….

Fight for our lives, it's shuck & jive in the name of liberty.
Fight there's no free ride, when un-hypnotised you'll see!

Pardon me sir, your hypocrisy's showing.
Cash on the barrel head, blood overflowing.
Give me my share and I'll just keep on moving.
What! You don't care! - I don't care if you do, I'll just

Fight for my life, nine to five would never work for me.
Fight, live no lie, a stick in the eye if that's how it has to be!

Like a weasel on a pecker flying thru the air,
I know I'll fall off bit I just don't care.
I'll take the free lunch as I snag a ride,
I'll follow my hunch & swallow my pride & fight!

Now the downside's poured on us 24 / 7.
Some pull out their guns while some cry to the heavens.
Our world is strung out on it's digital wisdom.
Our only way out now is gaming the system, we

Fight for our lives, make it right, the best that it can be.
Fight thru the night 'til daylight sets you free……..

HI TECH BLUES Words & music by Tim Woodward © 2015

Got myself a Smartphone. A real fine telephone!
But these slides and codes and icons….they make me groan.
Biggest trouble I see….that Smartphone's smarter than me.

My baby got me an iPad. She said it would change my life!
I keep it in the kitchen right next to my chopping knife.
Smooth top, no cord. Makes a real nice cuttin' board.

The digital world has got me in a whirl.
I'm a lo tech guy in a hi tech world……

I don't twitter and I don't tweet 'cos real conversation can't be beat!
It sure would be nice - if you would put down that device.
All thumbs ain't no way to be….c'mon honey, talk to me!

The digital world has got me in a whirl.
I'm a lo tech guy in a hi tech world……

WALKING SOFTLY Words & music by Don Cunningham © 1969

Hold your baby, give her someone to love.
Hold your lady, when the rain starts to come
'Cos your baby is blue just like you, yes she was.

Hold me baby, give me someone to love.
Rock me baby, dyin' clouds lead to sun.
Love our bodies, ripe as the fields,
Clear as the shore, evermore……

Walking softly you might not hear me
Talking softly but still speaking clearly.
Walking softly but not far behind….
Biding my time, waiting to find her….

NOTE: This tune was written in 1969 when I (Don) was a budding
17 year old songwriter. As I recall, it was an attempt
to write a softer, romantic ballad in contrast to the
more aggressive song ideas I was coming up with in
partnership with my longtime school chum Bryan Moore
(who co-wrote another song on The Mystics CD
'Forever's Coming' also from 1969).

MY MISTAKE Words & music by Don Cunningham © 2015

Got to the runway but I missed the plane
Put on my sunscreen but now it looks like rain
Fell to my knees and I began to pray
Walked to the cliff & turned around again
You might say, it was my-my-my mistake

I'd watch television but it pulls my chain
I'd take in some hockey but I hate the game
I pulled out the stitches, it's a dirty shame
I'd go to the 'doc' but then I'd feel the pain
You might say, it was my-my-my mistake

I woke up dead in a house of cards, it was a real disgrace...
I told my baby & she took it hard,
She said she'd settle in a shuttered space!

I walk my poodle out amongst the graves
I cut a mean figure with my razor blade
I show no mercy to the human race
I pull no punches when it comes to slaves
You might say, it was my-my-my mistake

HOLD YOU IN MY HEART Words & music by Tim Woodward © 2015

You came on a winter's day when clouds obscured the sun.
When you smiled you sent them racing.
Look at what you've done.
I don't deserve someone like you, someone who's so fine.
But I'll be here if you need me….call me anytime.

If your world gets dark and scary, if you need a hand.
I may not have all the answers but I'll do what I can.

I had thought that second chances ran out long ago.
Who'd have thought I'd feel this way now.
Perhaps we'll never know…..

Nothing this good lasts forever.
One day we will part.
When our time's past and I can't hold you, I'll hold you in my heart…..

SURF SYDNEY Words & music by Don Cunningham © 2015

There once was a young man from Sydney
Who's hairstyle was vaguely Echidni
He vanquished all waves 'til that one fateful day
When a shark rose to take out his kidney….

THAT CURSE Words & music by Don Cunningham © 2015

I take myself out of the mix and look up to the sky...
Won't worry 'bout the things I can't fix, I'll just donate a sigh.
Which blows the dandelion off course, and only makes the problem worse,
As that Otherworld collides with what I had in mind
I'd waste another night if I could only break that curse.....

I jump into the water and hope I'll remember how to swim
Or float a little farther 'til I can grab a hold of a limb
But I fear the current's much too strong, and it's better just to float along....
As that Otherworld collides, with what I had in mind
I'd waste another night if I could hold my breath that long.....

Heroes calling, angels falling
Rules are changing, roadblocks waiting…..

Then the actual point of view comes forth, and only makes the problem worse
As that Otherworld collides with what I had in mind
I'd waste another night if I could only break that curse.....
If I could only break that curse.....

NEVER THOUGHT THAT I WOULD FALL Music by Don Cunningham Lyrics by Tim Woodward © 2015

I sang a lonely tune, dwelling in that darkened room
Independence was my creed.
The outside world seemed cold, cheap emotions bought and sold,
At every turn deceit and greed.

My world was self-contained, at most a refuge from the pain.
I really thought I had it all.
Had everything I need – I had no wish to bleed.
I never thought that I would fall

I didn't want someone who'd invade my solitude.
Self-reliance was my goal.
But then you came my way, my defenses fell away
Heart…...and soul.

So now that chapter's closed, at last the cynic's lies exposed.
I'd fooled myself about it all.
How false my world has be, never letting daylight in.
I see my refuge was a wall.

Did not seek anyone who'd invade my solitude.
Self-reliance was my goal.
But then you came my way, my defenses fell away
Heart…...and soul.

Wasting so much time on such a foolish pantomime,
I almost didn't hear your call.
But now another chance to join you in this sweet romance,
I never thought that I would fall…...again…….

HOW IT NEVER WAS Words & music by Don Cunningham © 2010

When I was young, my little city was a simple town.
A white-washed place where nothing bad went down,
At least as far as I could see…..
But time went by, eyes grew wider, vision came to me.
The boring things I was supposed to be.
I knew I had to flee!

Into another world.
Another universe unfurled,
Where my soul could be assured
That's how it never was…..

Back at school I didn't know just what to think of me.
How to act or what to want to be.
But I knew I'd never 'make the team'.
So I tuned it out, chose a route I hoped would set me free.
Based on rhyme and harmony and things that I could feel.

'Cos the real world wouldn't do.
I had to leave that world to you.
And you still don't have a clue
That's how it never was…..

'Cos the real world wouldn't do.
I had to leave that world to you.
I think you still don't have a clue
That's how it never was…..

FOREVER'S COMING Words & music by Don Cunningham & Bryan Moore © 1969

Forever's coming, forever's coming, forever's coming today.........hey hey
I see the lightning, I see the lightning, I see the lightning today....hey hey

The lightning's coming, the lightning's coming, the lightning's coming today

Forever's coming, forever's coming, forever's coming today.........hey hey
I hear the thunder, I hear the thunder, I feel the thunder today…...

Forever's coming, forever's coming………..

All songs published by MYSTRIONIC MUSIC, ASCAP

LYRICS (in the order of appearance on the CD):